I am back in my (first) city and keeping an eye on the latest trends...

Milano is the capital of Design, no doubt, where old masters of Design are still revered and where young creative designers can find their way, a beautiful harmony of Old and New

Milan is also the capital of Fashion, where Armani, Versace and so many others live and work.
The following store is one of the most beautiful ones is belonged to the Prada brothers who were producing luxury leather suitcases and trunks.
The sign "Fratelli Prada, Valigerie" still can be seen over some windows.

Fashion and Design can also be used to create the most beautiful Food store (salumeria in italian, I don't have another word to explain it but you can find the most amazing specialties, from a perfectly aged prosciutto and Parmigiano to the most incredible variety of cheese (we may have more cheese than France, if not we are equal) to the sweetest cakes and pastries.
Carnevale is approaching so you can already find everywhere the "frittelle" and the "chiacchiere"

The "Salumaio di via Montenapoleone" above is tucked away in this romantic courtyard

In Milan you can also find the most glittering and elegant glass work, of course made in Venice by the Maestri Vetrai like Venini, Barovier & Toso, Moretti and so many others.

This is only a very short sample of what Milan can offer and I will certainly continue with other Posts.

The weather now is not the best, we had snow here also, but I am enjoying every second of my days here, especially because it is still home for me and my family and so many of my friends live here.

Very soon I will be back in Vancouver and I am looking forward to see again my friends of the New World and enjoy with them the spring (yes, it is near) in the Parks and on the beach.

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Write by: A-Efendy - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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