A pinch of salt

Today I was reading a post by the über talented blogger friend Ivan from Meade Design Group and all of a sudden I felt the urge to comment deviating from the subject, which was about style and shape of salt and pepper shakers.
I would have gone on for much longer with my comment, perhaps talking about salt used to preserve food until only recently, when ice boxes and fridges came finally to our houses, but I had to refrain myself. If you would read my comment on that post you would also find my question:
Why do we call shakers those little creatures on the table? Why do we need to shake salt and pepper? we use "a pinch" for cooking and we used for centuries a "tiny spoon" to add salt on a dish already on a table. Now we have shakers of all shapes and sizes. I own a pair myself but they are part of a tiny collection of elves from the '40s.

Picture 040
varie 011

Going back to Ivan's post I like also the way it starts...it is true that how we set a table can speak about our personality, paper or linen napkins to start and all you can think of, after that.
I don't know how to define my personality but I certainly love to set the table in a certain way if just only for myself! I always liked to celebrate food in an appropriate way.
I also believe that sitting down every day for a meal with your children or your family is a way to celebrate life together.
What do you think?

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