Colour me very happy

What a nice surprise to find this morning my name in a list of favourite posts, compiled by Maria at Colour Me Happy. Maria is a friend, a beautiful and vibrant lady but most of all a very knowledgeable and respected designer (her image above was taken when she was in Calgary as a keynote speaker). She is also the most generous blogger, giving away advice and all her expertise in colour and interior design. Many times joking I said to her "Who would pay for your advice when we already learn everything from your posts?"
But of course if we learn so much from her blog can you imagine how much more she can give a client during a consultation? Having someone like Maria when decisions need to be made will create the perfect house.
Thanks Maria for putting me in a list which includes Super Designers and Bloggers!
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Write by: A-Efendy - Monday, June 29, 2009

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