I know the title is made up, but on Saturday I went to a workshop and I ended up networking and socializing.
The workshop was held at Fluff, in Vancouver, and it was very informative and fun. To know more about it you can read a wonderful, informative post by  Kulli Yee who I was glad to meet there.
The social part was even more fun since that the moment I introduced myself by name to a lady she immediately recognized me by my blog who was recommended to her by a mutual friend, Ivan Meade: I felt like a celebrity for a moment.
The fun part was to create a team of three people:
Susan Hargraves, a residential stylist
Sharon Wood, an interior redesign specialist
and myself were then challenged to stage a fireplace mantel and a table.
For each project we had a card showing only pictures of a mantel, a ceiling light, the room's palette and a tight budget!
1st project: How to choose accessories for this mantel:
A traditional marble fireplace, classic chandelier, neutral colours.
We started with a selection of monochromatic art, a canvas with black and white painting of a stylized flower, we gathered a bronze vase and a black round object...we looked at that and we decided we needed more colour so the art went and a new piece with vibrant orange petals came up.
Walking around the place we thought maybe a lamp would help and we immediately spotted a coral base one that was perfect for our project. We tried an orange bowl with brown balls inside but then we  found three black small round, pebble like, candles and we decided that was it!
The instructor was laughing saying we had three projects at once so many times we changed things around...but it was worth it!
Susan gave a brief explanation on how we made our choices.

2nd project: how to accessorize a table given this basic elements:
A contemporary look with a black round pendant light, a sleek fireplace, neutral colours.
We started with some white square plates and bowls, then Susan and Sharon arrived proudly holding three big silver vases...I said we can't set a table for dining with those... nobody will be able to see why don't we set the table as a decorative piece?

We found the runner, we changed the chairs, from white leather ones to these more graphic and bold, at that point only two were needed, Sharon brought a branch with delicate white flowers, she was trying to find calla-lilies or orchids but I thought the sweet peas she found were indeed sweet and less formal.
On the chairs two small rectangular pillows with dark grey and black polka dots were the final touch.
Here is Sharon giving an explanation of our unusual choices.

Did I mention we had only 15 minutes to create each vignette? trying to compromise our three (not so different) visions, sourcing frantically in the huge warehouse for props and accessories and yes also trying to take some pictures at the same time.
I think we were a great team and we came up with elegant, simple, different solutions.

Both Susan Hargraves and another smart lady I was glad to meet, Liz Mackay, residential consultant, were also interviewed recently by Ivan Meade and you can click on their names to know them better.
It was a fun way to spend a few hours in a workshop and make new friends.
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Write by: A-Efendy - Sunday, June 14, 2009

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