The importance of lights and shadows

Do you ever pay attention to the shadows in your house?
People fall in love with a lamp and don't realize that it is very important to evaluate a house not only starting from light but also from the shadows created by it. Without shadows everything appears artificial and shallow.
Imagine stairs totally white and a light strong and diffuse from above, almost no shadows. It could be hard to descend those steps but if it was lit creating shadows at each step it would be easier to manage. Solution: wall light with precise shadows at the end of each step or different color of woods or carpet on steps (best solution will be to hire a designer who will help to establish the best way of lighting a space).

The image below represents an extreme example, which can be terrific or...tragic!


a better example

In a bedroom instead we need less shadows, they need to be soft and imperceptible, a strong ceiling light will create too harsh shadows and take away feeling of relaxation and coziness, but an halogen lamp directed to the ceiling will lit it indirectly and it will reflect soft shadows, and of course table lamps (or wall mounted ones) will always create atmosphere.



Many mistakes are made in the use of lights, especially when we don't pay attention to the shadows they create, just think for a moment about a beautiful painting with a shadow projected on it by a nearby piece of furniture, we'll always see only half of the painting. Pity!


Another aspect of lighting is that sometimes when you cannot find a solution in furniture placement the problem can be solved giving each area a specific source of lighting, which can help in reorganizing the space based on functionality. The cone of light will help to concentrate our attention without our eyes looking all over to find a reference point.
On the contrary in a passage area it is best to have many lights of the same lower intensity distributed along the path.


Everyone knows this but I want to say it anyway:
Direct light: think about a sunny day
Diffuse light: think of sun filtered through clouds

We often need direct light on a table


and always direct light where we work

but we always need diffused light near a TV.

He will agree...!


Naturally rules can be broken and personal preference is also to be taken in consideration, but the right source of light will create a better space, not to mention atmosphere or the relax and take a nap!

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Images from Canadian House and Home and from House Beautiful, last image from Stock.
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