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To know how 'Avatar' Oscars could make Weta household name, read here.
And now let me brag a little.
Picture this...(do I sound like Estelle in the "Golden girls" TV series?)
Milan 1979, one of my dearest girlfriend meets a fabulous guy, who recently moved there from Argentina as a single parent with his very young boy. A few years later they create a bigger family with a beautiful daughter being born.
Fast forward: a few years ago my dear girlfriend passes away after a long debilitating illness, her husband is healing and going on in life, the daughter has become a theatre director and the young boy, recklessly curious, and as his father says, able to break every single piece of new electronic device that entered their house (Commodore 64, Walkman, turn table amplifiers...) is now Head of Research and Development of WETA, based in New Zealand. If you have seen Avatar most of the digital effects were created by Weta with a team of about 900 people.

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They also worked on "The lord of the rings" trilogy, "The lovely bones" and so many other movies.
The little boy was interviewed by Taxi when still in Los Angeles working for Autodesk. Amongst other interviews if you like to know more about 3D effects in movies listen to Radio New Zealand recent Interview with Sebastian Sylwan or read here an article written by Sebastian for Animation World Network.
What can I say...I am proud of you Seby!
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