New Year's eve with Proust

"What do I see? A Nesserlode pudding! As well!
I declare I shall need a course at Carlsbad after such a Lucullan-feast as this."
(À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs)
"An architectural cake, as urban and familiar as it was imposing, seemed to be enthroned there on the off-chance as on any other day, in case the fancy seized Gilberte to discrown it of its chocolate battlements." (À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs)

"What is this prettily colored thing that we're eating?" asked Ski.
"It's called strawberry mousse." said Mme Verdurin. (Sodome et Gomorrhe)
The roses of Revé painted flowers upon the surface of the porcelain stands in which they were arranged, (...) reflected on the white-panelled walls, they produce the impression of motionless designs, as blue as hyacinths, as red as roses." (Le Côté de Guermantes)

All images from "Proust, La Cuisine Retrouvée"  1991
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