Good-bye Tent London Home Decor

A new year, a new name...
Good-bye Tent London Home Decor
Welcome Tent London Interiors

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Year 2008 - Ben Ze Wang, a talented graphic designer and a good friend helped me to structure  my website three years ago. At the time, for still to me mysterious reasons, and only me to blame, I chose the name Tent London Home Decor, only after a few months it  did not appeal to me anymore but company was formed, business cards were printed and soon I had my own blog by the same name. I am not even mentioning the fact that most people spell Tent London wrongly because in English is Brilliant with one more " i " but I decided that Tent London needed to stay because was the major part of my identity... too bad, so what...keep calm and carry on!
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Year 2011 – The great team at Meade Design Group helped to rebrand Tent London and changes were made to my web site and logo, new business card and stationery were printed and so on. All of you with a web site or a blog know how many little details are part of each project dealt with countless phone calls, emails, moments of panic (on my side) thinking “I have lost every data” moment of despair (again on my side) “This will never work” but at the end like magic and very much like in Interior design business everything comes together beautifully.
It is priceless to have the right tools to promote your business properly and in a professional manner.
My deepest thanks go to Ben Ze Wang for creating  my beautiful website three years ago and taking some of my portrait pictures, to Gareth Sirotnik for patiently editing my original web site text and last, but only in terms of time, to
Meade Design Group for giving me a new identity of which I am very proud of.
Thanks Ivan, thanks Jeff, thanks Natasha for being patient with me and understanding my needs!
I am very excited also about the integration made by Meade Design Group between my blog and my web site, now you can click on the top menu and voilà are in my web site.
Now a short story about the logo:
Talking to Ivan Meade he persuaded me to add a symbol to my logo and  since I had an image of a Potiche*** very dear to me, being a family heirloom, on my web site first page he suggested a silhouette of a jar, which soon enough gave birth to others multiplying on my stationery as you can see.
1-16-2011 6-16-39 PM
*** From the Free Online Dictionary:
“Potiche [pɒˈtiːʃ]
n pl -tiches [-ˈtiːʃɪz -ˈtiːʃ]
(Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Ceramics) a tall vase or jar, as of porcelain, with a round or polygonal body that narrows towards the neck and a detached lid or cover.”
The Simon 2010 025

To add even more to this story another Potiche  appeared on my very first post for this blog, so unknowingly a vase in this particular shape began part of Tent London identity from the very beginning.

varie 011
I love how life unfolds at times but I need to stick to the subject so...
Tent London Interiors
It is still me, same approach to interior decoration, styling, photography, just with a better name and more focus on what is my specialty: create atmosphere in interiors and styling rooms adding an European touch but always carefully interpreting and respecting the personality of my clients.

My mantra continues to be:
“ A well designed house is always a good part of a great life
and a beautiful room will make you happy every time you walk in.”

Now it is your turn:
What do you think of my renewed web site? what do you think of my new name?
Comments will be treasured during this exhausting but very exciting transition.

Photography by Albarosa Simonetti
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