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In my previous post I asked: “Can you guess who he is?”  but I should have guessed that the image related to  the question was way too easy to guess, I guess! Alternatively my dear readers are very knowledgeable about design, in fact almost everyone gave the right answer, but the first to arrive in the comments (please click HERE and scroll to the comments section) was from:

Nancy Bendtsen, of the famous Inform Interiors stores in Vancouver, she actually did not name him but she said that they will be soon selling, among all the treasures of Starck and all the most famous designers, his new chair for Driade.
To be fair the first person to actually “name” Philippe Starck in the comments to my previous post was John Kuharchuk, so I decided to name both readers!

“I like to open the doors to people's brain." - Philippe Starck. This is the first quote you can find on his website .
In Starck’s long career, he has applied his creativity to so many different fields from a waste management center in Paris to international hotels to furniture like this one:

Milano Aprile 2011 243 

Milano Aprile 2011 240 
Miss Less chair by Starck for Kartell, as seen at I Saloni 2011, Milan, a rigorous design, almost an abstract sculpture for an everyday object.

Another iconic design, already present at MoMa, New York...
220px-Juicy_salif the lemon squeezer by Starck for Alessi.

How can I describe Starck work in a few lines? Almost impossible due to his incredible work but I will try also with the help of some of his famous quotes.  Starck, born to a well–off family remembers his youth  saying "I was completely unable to adapt to society and school, I spent my youth escaping."
But even if shy Starck was soon beginning to blossom socially and the design world welcomed his  enthusiasm for his work. "Good design can and should be part of everyday life. I'm always looking for magic in reality," he told People. "For the same price, you can give a lot more love and respect and service to people." His philosophy has always looked to the masses: good style but manufactured at a low cost.
In another interview on Newsweek he said: "A nice object will never change the life of somebody, but it helps. Everything around us has an influence on our subconscious. It will not bring back the husband, but it can send a sign of intelligence and poetry and humor."

When a journalist asked him what design he was most proud of. "The next one," Starck replied. "Because I am never, ever satisfied with what I've done."
And we are so happy that he is never satisfied, so we can again, and again, be surprised.
like with his famous gnomes, Attila and Napoléon, created for Kartell following the  “Movement for the liberation of the gnomes from gardens”. Thanks to Starck now gnomes can live with us in our houses!

Obviously he is having fun creating and thanks to him we can bring a touch of humor in our home!

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