I wish I was there


I love summer, I love the ocean, I love sunny days and I love a house with a sea view,
 so I found these beautiful images and I  invite you to enjoy them with me.

Pantelleria, Italy

Argentario, Italy

Guanabar, Brazil

Santorini, Greece

Camogli, Italy

South Beach, Florida

Ponza, Italy

Beautiful houses with stunning views, you can feel the breeze, the salt in the air, the scent of flowers…Which of these pictures makes you dream:

“I wish I was there”?

These houses are quite different in atmosphere, architecture, location and looking at each one provokes different feelings,  so I am curious to know which house appeals more to you and why. 
For my loyal followers who may know my taste by now…which house do you think I would choose to spend a month under the sun?

Photography by  Baan, Amatori, Brusaferri, Reggiori, Giugni, Martiradonna, Giannella.
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Write by: A-Efendy - Thursday, June 23, 2011

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