Welcome to “Collioshire”

Collio is an area in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a region in the North East corner of Italy, where my family is originally from.
This area is famous internationally for its  superb production of wine, especially whites like Tocai, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Ribolla and others. The landscape is beautiful too, with hills, towns punctuated by bell towers, vineyards, orchards, fields of poppies and wild flowers.
Some houses are built in stones and present the typical balcony of the region, with wood balustrade, geraniums and petunias flow from them creating a cheerful focal point.
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In clear days the crown of Giulian Alps can be seen, as a spectacular backdrop, especially when snow is on the top, in winter.
You may wonder where the name Giulia for the region and the Alps come from, and it comes from Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor, even the name Friuli means Forum Julii or city of Julius.
The whole region has a pre-Roman origin since it was first inhabited by Celtic people, and remains of their history can be seen, together with Roman artifacts.
A region not yet well known, as I said previously in other posts, even by Italians, but worth the trip for a visit to absburgic Trieste, the Venetian Udine, the Longbard Cividale, the Roman Aquileja. Cormons e varie 2011 062

To go back to the title of the post: “Collioshire” I refer to the success of the Tuscan region of Chianti that became famous years ago to the point of being called Chiantishire by English speaking travellers, the same success is starting now in Collio, where Sting, Depardieu and others are trying to buy vineyards and where luxury country Hotels, Bed and Breakfast and simple Agriturismi are offering great choice of accommodations.
A toast to Collio!

Photography ©by Albarosa Simonetti

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