How to spend $ 85.00

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Long week-end and a sunny day made me work to beautify my patio. The work is still in progress but almost done for now. As they say on HGTV the total cost of the project was $ 85.00, not counting the labour…which most of the time is the most expensive part, but in this case the labour (me) took only two hours between sourcing, buying, painting.
The mirrors were bought in a discount store, they are very inexpensive and may even last a few years, they went from black to aqua color in 1 hour. Fun to try different arrangements until I find the right larger acrylic mirrors for my patio. I am looking for some that may resemble a door leading to another secret garden.

Mirrors can really do magic things.

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I found by chance Sunbrella vivid turquoise pillows  heavily discounted, I bought hot pink impatient for a few dollars at the corner store.
The table base, wrought iron, was found a year ago in my lane…with a glass top it became my favorite place to have breakfast, weather permitting of course! I only wish I had more space for a larger glass top but so far dinner for two was never a problem.

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Mirrors expand the small patio, instantly doubling all my plants and creating some focal points. Did I say that all the trellises were also found in my lane? They were black but with a can of color they blend with the  walls. My friends now call me “The Dame of the lane” but I always loved to go to garage sales and flea markets to find things I love for a few dollars (I actually found quite valuable pieces for almost nothing and the hunt  itself is exciting).

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A friend is coming for coffee…

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