Great escapes

A dream travel book was published by Taschen and quoting from Taschen books  website:

“To travel through Italy is as close as one gets to being in paradiseFor centuries, writers, artists, architects and merchants have been drawn here, inspired by the beauty of Venice, Florence, Naples and Rome. Countless books, paintings, poems and sculptures are evidence of its undying appeal, and over the past 60 years, the country has become one of the world's top travel and holiday destinations. The loveliness of Italy—its architecture, landscapes, culture and food (some of the world’s finest!) — if not eternal, is certainly enduring, and the easy-going and relaxed Italian lifestyle, il dolce far niente, is still unrivaled.”

Taschen books Great Escapes Italy

The latest of the series Great Escapes, an interesting mix of travel guide and interior design, talks about Italy and it is full of travel inspiration.

Taschen books Great Escapes Italy 

In this book you can find amazing destinations from Lake Como in the North to Amalfi coast and the Aeolian Islands in the South.

Taschen books Great Escapes Italy 

The book is full of stunning images of resorts and legendary hotels full of atmosphere where movies were shot, famous love stories took place, weddings are  celebrated.

If only the walls could talk…

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