“Quality is a funny concept…”

10-5-2011 4-15-46 PM 

Torii chair by Bensen
Torii chair, by Niels Bendtsen, presented in Vancouver at IDSWest 2011, a minimalist approach for
a sexy and… surprise! highly comfortable chair.

Torii chair by Bensen
Torii chair by Bensen

Inform Interiors at IDSWest 2011
Niels Bendtsen, journalist Fanny Kiefer and guest at IDSWest 2011 opening night.

Inform Interiors at IDSWest 2011
Nancy Bendtsen and iconic designer Ross Lovegrove at Inform Interiors booth.

Nancy Keefer on Torii chair
Fanny Kiefer sitting on Torii chair

We all tried the chair and we all, including David, the very tall guy in a picture above, found it very comfortable even if so sleek.

This time form and function really are walking (sitting?) together.

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