Room # 1 !

Style at Home magazine latest issue.

AUGUST-HIGH-HIGH                           AUGUST-LOW
              Room # 1  -  $ 15,536                                               Room # 2  -  $ 5,952

In my previous post (HERE) I was asking which room had a higher price and today I published the answers there and as you can see the first correct answer received was from (again! congratulations!)
The Critic’s Eye
many more readers guessed correctly and you can see their explanations in the comments on my previous post.

The fun game “High or Low?” can be found monthly on Style at Home magazine (paper and online).  This particular  project (issued on August 2011) was by Margot Austin, senior design editor at Style at Home and if you like you could study the details of the interior decoration HERE.

Just as an example I give you the cost for the patterned pillows:
#1  Madeline Weinrib Daphne throw pillow  $637 CAD
#2 PillowMio throw pillow cover $ 32 US (found on Etsy)
The high end wallpaper (Designers Guild $ 162 per roll) is “thicker and has more ink colours, meaning it takes longer to make” as Margot Austin says, the other one (Blue Mountain $ 70 per roll) “is thinner and has fewer colours, but the metallic gold gives it a high-end look”.

If you don’t have a big budget to start with then be assured that with lots of patience and a good eye in sourcing you can find beautiful items at reasonable prices … or of course you can always call a professional designer who can easily pull together the expensive look or the budget conscious one, because…yes… we also work within small budgets when needed.

These articles are the first that I read when I receive the magazine Style at Home and I find it amusing each time to guess as fast as I can “High” or “Low”. So far I have scored well but at times it takes a few minutes to really scrutinize every details when in doubt. 

Photography by Nina Teixeira

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