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I published a post on RED a year ago, around this time, and of course I was also writing about the
saturated, vibrant “Red Valentino” and you can read it HERE.

Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum
This Red Door is the entrance to a new Museum, the first of its kind…
opening on Monday, December 5, 2011. 

The mythical designer Valentino Garavani will have a computer generated museum showing his archives on this Virtual Museum. Giancarlo Giammetti, Valentino’s long time business partner and for many years in the past also life partner said about this project:

"Real museums need an enormous investment and the assurance that they will exist for years, even decades, and in a perfect way. This is difficult to achieve in today's economy. So I asked myself if it would be possible to create a vast computer-generated museum?
We have kept an organized archive since the seventies that represents an enormous testimony from these years. With expert designers, I was able to create an architecture that belongs to Italy and especially to Rome, Valentino's epicenter, which is described by light and shade, 'chiaroscuro', and at the same time is 'unbuildable' … an architecture only possible in a computer-generated world.
Animated galleries show a life's work, and hundreds of key dresses have been photographed revolving 360 degrees to show every line and stitch.
One click on the dress and the user can discover its history—who wore it, where, and when. Five thousand documents, photos, and 190 videos make up the Museum's database."

Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum
Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress for her second marriage to Onassis.

Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum
Black and White Room

Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum
Red Room

I can’t wait to visit the museum on Monday and I hope you will too, clicking HERE.

Finally, when asked: “What should a woman never wear?” Valentino answered:  "Lady Gaga's clothes."
This quote says it all about Valentino’s style.

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