Social Media fatigue

Don’t get me wrong…I love social media but lately I feel I am spending too much of my time on it and sometimes lots of what I read need to be ignored, like junk for the as the lady in the image (at Clignancourt Flea Market) I may walk away even if only temporarily.

Blogging requires hours of research, writing, editing and keeping up with other interesting bloggers.

Facebook with hundreds of “virtual” friends requires to scroll their news daily, stop and comment on some, take note of interesting ones.

Twitter, even if faster, for me requires deciphering obscure messages (when worth it).

Pinterest is always fun, great to find stunning images, useful to have them all in one “folder” for future reference.

LinkedIn is good to make connections but again time consuming.

Paris Marais
Tied up and tired!

At the end of the day (when actually I have some time to dedicate to social media) all of the above tasks take my little left energy away.
I may take a break,  it may be just as brief as a week or much longer but I am sure at some point I will return refreshed, renewed and ready to play again.

MEM 083 
You know how much I value your comments and likes…
Would you wait for me? Have you ever felt the same?

Photography © Albarosa Simonetti

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Write by: A-Efendy - Sunday, June 17, 2012

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