Emerald green



2013 is coming and the Pantone color of the year will be Emerald green: who does not like the hue of this precious gem!  Sophisticated and intense colors for the above beautiful geometric pattern printed on silk by Dedar Milano.


Zaida San Gil design

A faded green for the boiserie and the antique vase, image found on Pinterest.



A fun kitchen for House Beautiful magazine.



An emerald green urn and stool in an interior photographed by Eric d'Hérouville.



Lavish curtains.



Studio Peregalli’s antique sofa upholstered in green silk.



David Flint Wood design includes a vivid green leather chair.



Style at Home magazine



Stunning library found on Pinterest



We should have at least an emerald green dress.



Hutton Wilkinson design on Harper’s Bazaar.



A vignette including textile as art.



I wish I can show you a collection of emerald rings and necklaces…but…my ever growing collection of 1950’s elves includes an emerald green one.



A daring but beautiful mix of intense blue and emerald.



Finally a gorgeous Tony Duquette’s tablescape to celebrate the New Year!

Wishing you all the best for a green and happy 2013!

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