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Can you believe it?
Iván Meade, principal of  Meade Design Group has just published an interview with me on his blog (please click here if you want to read about me).

He already interviewed  many of my favorite designers for his blog, from Barbara Barry, Brad Ford, Michael Devine, Kelly Wearstler, Brooke Giannetti, Vicente Wolf, to Canadians Kimberley Seldon, Omer Arbel, Patricia Gray, to only name a few.

Now you may know why I feel so honored and thrilled that he asked me to be part of this group of truly talented and successful designers but I also need to tell you that it was quite an experience on a different level, we live our day working, creating, socializing, relaxing but sometimes if someone asks you "How did you start?" or "Where are you leading to?" then we are forced to stop and think.
With Iván's well posed questions I had to pause and reflect, I had to go back in time when I was a child going to Museums with my father, admiring my mother's skills as a painter, helping my sister often moving furniture around our house, I had to think about what I accomplished so far and what my legacy will be.
It sounds easy but it requires a lot of introspection and slowly your life becomes more clear.

I am so thankful to Iván, not only an extraordinary Interior designer and artist, but a wonderful person too, for giving me this opportunity to be recognized as an Interior decorator and photographer but also to make me reflect on myself and my business.

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Image by Albarosa Simonetti

Please go to his Website and enjoy his beautiful Blog, always full of stylish ideas, creativity, eye candies, interviews, design projects, art and more.

Image by Andrea Seraphim

Thank you, Iván.

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Write by: A-Efendy - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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