Thank you, Elle Decor!

If you think Elle Decor nominated me Interior Decorator of the year...think twice, this is not yet the case! But to my surprise and excitement when I turned a page on the latest issue there it was, my cathedral, il Duomo, glowing at dusk and, the picture below was not the one featured on the magazine.

Elle Decor in fact this month goes to Milan, my first city, so reading the article and looking at the pictures was
like being there and I hope it will be the same for you.
Thanks to my blog I had many business opportunities and lately I was also asked to write an article on Milan as an insider for the online magazine The Address on Luxury Real Estate, Travel, Lifestyle. My article, with pictures, was sent weeks ago and it will be out in October but it was fun to see that I wrote almost the same things as Elle Decor. Since Milan is a multi-faceted city we could have had a totally different approach.
I am sure many of my readers who never traveled to Milan know already through my blog some of the places cited by Elle Decor and I am now curious to know your opinion, so please take your pen (mouse) and write a comment answering to this question:

Did you discover a new side of Milan through my eyes? One you never knew existed?

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A big thank you, grazie, to Elle Decor for reporting from Milan, my hometown.

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