"Die Walküre" in Milan

 Die Walküre, Teatro alla Scala
December 7th is the day of the Saint Patron of Milan, Sant'Ambrogio, and it is also the opening of the  season at La Scala Theatre. In all these years the ladies evening gowns have reflected the times, booming economy, austerity, times of peace, times of turmoil. I have seen decades of luxurious furs and evening gowns, years of rebellion around 1968, followed by years of austerity and understatement, today, from the images, I can see more sparkles than last year, the world wide financial crisis is starting to recede?

Letizia Moratti, mayor of Milan (gown by Armani as usual)
and the La Scala superintendent Stephane Lissner.

Laura Teso and husband

Marina Berlusconi

Marquise Marta Brivio Sforza

Actress Elena Santarelli

Countess Marta Marzotto

Actress Valeria Marini

Queen of Alta Moda (High Fashion) Raffaella Curiel

Michela Vittoria Brambilla, minister of Tourism

TV stars Sabrina Negri and Alessandro Cecchi Paone

Banker Corrado Passera and wife

The inaugural evening, with the five hours long Wagner opera "Die Walküre", was a triumph: 14 minutes of applause, a standing orchestra, flowers thrown from the stages, a standing ovation for the conductor Daniel Barenboim.
Applause for everyone  but... outside the theatre police had to battle protesters against cultural budget cuts, mainly University students gathered outside but soon dispersed  by the police.

Horse mounted carabinieri

15 policemen were injuried during the attack.

Milan City Hall, lit for the occasion.

Life is always full of contrasts.

Photography by Milestone Media, Photoviews, Balestra, La Presse.

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