Home Sweet Home!

This month’s book is “Home Sweet Home” (Rizzoli) by worldwide famous photographer Oberto Gili.
His house is in New York since the Eighties but his “home” is still in Piedmont, Italy, where he was born and where he constantly returns.  Here he has cows, acres of land he loves to work on, vegetable gardens, grape vines and most important his four beloved dogs.
In this town he lives a totally different lifestyle from the one in New York or when he travels around the world, in touch with  celebrities and going to parties in the most  elegant houses.
Here he completely restored a dilapidated farm house near his family home, leaving wood beams, old cotto floors, creating a charming and cozy atmosphere of yesteryears.
Furniture and accessories are all part of his life, he says that every object has some happy memory and of course the walls are decorated with his photography and many pieces of artists friends.

The dining room with a table, designed by Gili, that can sit 16 people, a 1700 armoire and two sofa beds from 1800. An eclectic interior where everyone feels welcome and lively conversation comes natural.

The kitchen, in different shades of green has a large credenza full of jars with preserved fruit and vegetables, a passion of the photographer, who spends hours preparing and canning them when in town.

An American mantle for the fireplace in the living, colorful sofa and chairs and on the main wall two Gili’s framed photographs. As you can see the dogs are a major part of his life there and are treated like family!

Another Gili’s piece, over an antique dresser.

Vivid colors in the master bedroom, with a flaming Moroccan rug and vibrant art on the walls.

In his pale blue bedroom he created a corner to work, with simple furniture, like many others around the house which are salvaged old pieces, and a beautiful old chandelier he found in a flea market.

A small room in the guesthouse with different styles put together in an harmonious way.

The white studio of Oberto Gili, with incredible natural light. Pendant lights were also designed by Gili. Of course the natural light can be totally obscured by heavy drapes when needed.

Old charming French doors opening to the luxurious garden.

A real “Home Sweet Home” where life can be happy and easy and where the artist can recharge and create while away from his intense life in New York.

Photography by Oberto Gili

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