Photo shoot of a project

Yesterday…rainy day in Vancouver but exciting photo shoot at Manito new store, where you can find luxurious silk bedding and more.  I have shown the “before” images of this project in my previous post HERE and now you can have a preview of the (almost) finished space.
As you may know a photo shoot requires days of preparation, sourcing for props, arranging furniture, adjusting lights, buying flower arrangements and in this case… steaming every single wrinkle out of pillowcases, bedspreads, bed sheets.

Manito Silk
The photographer, very professional and so pleasant to work with, Andrea Sunderland, arrived in full gear with diffusers, lenses, external flashes and all the tricks of the trade.

Manito Silk 

Manito Silk
Of course the store looked a …bit…messy since we had to arrange
and rearrange furniture and accessories every hour.

Manito Silk
A ladder certainly help to have different angles.

Manito Silk
Here I am, comfortably seating (for just 5 minutes!) and checking compositions and light with my point and shoot which I used all day wondering how magical the “real” images from Andrea will be.

Manito Silk photoshoot
Charcoal and pale blue silk for this bed with a vibrant orange lampshade on the side table.

Manito Silk project
Rich plum and fresh green silk for this image, Hilary Miles beautiful roses
and…do you remember that purple tea cup from a previous post?

Manito Silk images
A more masculine look with chocolate, champagne and whipped cream silk (yum).
Angela Grossman art piece on the floor.

Manito Silk project
Designers Guild pillows, Heather Ross new candles on the antique chair
and the vivid color of Miriam Aroeste painting as a backdrop.

Manito Silk photoshoot
My favorite picture of the day? I can’t explain it but it is this one…so dramatic  and theatrical.

Silk becomes regal!

Photography © by Albarosa Simonetti

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